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The Marketing Education Program is designed to prepare students for postsecondary education and careers in marketing, management, and entrepreneurship. Students develop knowledge and skills in the foundational areas of marketing (economics, human relations and business basics) and the functional areas of marketing (product and service planning, marketing-information management, purchasing and pricing, selling and promotion, risk management, financing and distribution/logistics), as well as in international marketing, market research, management and entrepreneurship.

Courses Offered

Marketing Principles

Marketing Principles is the foundational course for the Marketing and Management, Fashion Merchandising and Buying, and Marketing Communications and Promotion Pathways. Marketing Principles addresses all the ways in which marketing satisfies consumer and business needs and wants for products and services. Students develop a basic understanding of Employability, Foundational and Business Administration skills, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Financial Analysis, Human Resources Management, Information Management, Marketing, Operations, Professional Development, Strategic Management, and Global Marketing strategies.

Marketing and Entrepreneurship

Marketing and Entrepreneurship is the second course in the Marketing and Management Career Pathway. Marketing and Entrepreneurship begins an in-depth and detailed study of marketing while also focusing on management with specific emphasis on small business ownership. This course builds on the theories learned in Marketing Principles by providing practical application scenarios which test these theories.

Marketing Management

Marketing Management is the third course in the Marketing and Management pathway. Students assume a managerial perspective by applying economic principles in marketing, analyzing operation’s needs, examining channel management and financial alternatives, managing marketing information, pricing products, and services, developing product/service planning strategies, promoting products and services, purchasing, and professional sales.

Intro to Sport and Entertainment Marketing

This course introduces the student to the major segments of the Sports and Entertainment Industry and the social and economic impact the industry has on the local, state, national, and global economies. The products and services offered to consumers and the impact of marketing on these products and services are examined.

Advanced Sport and Entertainment Marketing

This course provides students opportunities to develop managerial and analytical skills and deepen their knowledge in sports/entertainment marketing. Topical units include Marketing Information Management, Selling, Publicity/Public Relations, Sales Promotion, Management of Promotion, Product Mix, Pricing, Positioning, and Marketing Planning.