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Nutrition and Food Science

Courses Offered

Introductory Course: Food, Nutrition, and Wellness

Food, Nutrition and Wellness is an essential course in understanding nutritional needs and food choices for optimal health of individuals across the lifespan. This course leads to the advanced nutrition pathway and develops a knowledge base and the skills necessary to select among alternatives in the marketplace, with an emphasis on nutrient content, the development of chronic diseases, and food safety.

2nd Course in Pathway: Food for Life

Food for Life is an advanced course in food and nutrition that addresses the variation in nutritional needs at specific stages of the human life cycle: lactation, infancy, childhood, adolescence, and adulthood including old age. The most common nutritional concerns, their relationship to food choices and health status and strategies to enhance well-being at each stage of the lifecycle are emphasized.

3rd Course in Pathway: Food Science

Food science integrates many branches of science and relies on the application of the rapid advances in technology to expand and improve the food supply. Students will evaluate the effects of processing, preparation, and storage on the quality, safety, wholesomeness, and nutritive value of foods. Building on information learned in Nutrition and Wellness and Chemistry, this course illustrates scientific principles in an applied context, exposing students to the wonders of the scientific world.