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Foreign Language

One of the goals of the Foreign Language Department is to help students make linguistic and cultural connections. In Latin courses, students make connections between the present and the past through Classical study, between English language structure and Latin, building a better vocabulary in English. In our modern language studies of Spanish and French, students make the same strides studying grammatical and linguistic structures and connecting to our global society. Seeking to make language study relevant to their daily experiences, all teachers reinforce curricula taught in other areas with skills for a lifetime of learning.

University System of Georgia Requirements

Students who plan to attend Georgia University System colleges are required to complete two years of the same language, but additional years of study are encouraged by many schools, including the most prestigious universities in the country. Those upper-level courses count as college prep electives and demonstrate a student’s commitment to attaining proficiency in the language studied. Furthermore, students have the opportunity to take an Advanced Placement course for college credit. Honors courses are available for students who demonstrate talent and dedication in their foreign language studies, per teacher recommendation.

Why Study Foreign Language?

Foreign language study is the perfect complement to any area of study. Many more career opportunities are available for those who have foreign language skills. In addition to many international and multinational American companies which have offices worldwide, foreign companies and investors are likewise located throughout the United States.

Spanish I - III
Advanced Placement Spanish
French I - IV
Latin I - III

Sign Language