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Physical Education

The Cherokee County School District’s Health and Physical Education curriculum provides a developmentally appropriate and comprehensive experience in health and physical education that is essential for meeting the diverse needs of all students. A quality health and physical education program will foster the development of motor skills, physical fitness, emotional strength, maturity, values, healthful decision-making and the pursuit of lifelong health and fitness. Participation in daily health and physical education is an integral and inseparable part of the total K-12 educational experience.

Courses Required
Health YES
Personal Fitness YES
Intro Team Sports NO
Intermediate Team Sports NO
Advanced Team Sports NO
Introduction to Lifetime Sports NO
Intermediate Lifetime Sports NO
Advanced Lifetime Sports NO
Introduction To Recreational Games NO
Intermediate Recreational Games NO
Advanced Recreational Games NO
Weight Training NO
Body Sculpting NO
Advanced Body Sculpting NO
Track and Field NO
Advanced Track and Field NO
Adaptive Physical Fitness NO