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Congratulations to CCSD's Class of 2024!

Congratulations to CCSD's Class of 2024!

The message below from Superintendent of Schools Mary Elizabeth Davis is to our graduating Class of 2024 seniors.  You can see each of their names posted below by clicking on the name of their school.

Congratulations to CCSD's Class of 2024

Dear Class of 2024,

August 3, 2020, the first day of your freshman year, was a day packed full of uncertainty, heavy emotion, and even confusion.  Whether you boarded a bus, walked to school, or had a ride with a parent or friend, your first steps of high school were anything but typical.

Every ninth-grader has the rollercoaster experience of transitioning from a smaller, comfortable middle school to a complex and new high school campus.  Never before you has a class of ninth-graders started that rollercoaster under a magnifying glass and amidst the greatest disruption to school we have ever known.

To think back to your historic start personally fills me with so much confidence that you are a class not dismayed by uncertainty, heavy emotion, or confusion.  Instead, you are a class of graduates that has proven to the world you will overcome odds and obstacles that might emerge … and you will excel.

Thank you for your extraordinary perseverance and your optimistic outlook on what is possible.  Thank you for building strong community at school and for committing yourself to the opportunities that were in front of you, both in the classroom and beyond.

As you walk across the stage this week, know there is more than an auditorium full of people cheering for you – there is an entire community giving you the standing ovation that you have earned. 

As you step off that stage, diploma in hand, into your next chapter, remember that you already have proven you can tackle any hints of uncertainty, emotion or confusion.  You are ready to go … and make a difference!

Congratulations, Class of 2024 – we are proud of you!

Mary Elizabeth Davis, PhD

Superintendent of Schools


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