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Financial Aid Information

To access the information that was presented at our annual Financial Aid Information Night, go to  The first two tabs across the top are “HOPE and State Aid Programs” and “Federal Aid & Scholarships”.

HOPE & State Aid Programs is where you will find information about:

  • HOPE Scholarship (for degree programs)
  • Zell Miller Scholarship (for degree programs)
  • HOPE Grant (for technical diplomas and certificates)
  • Zell Miller Grant (for technical diplomas and certificates)
  • Georgia Tuition Equalization Grant (for GA residents to use at private colleges and universities in GA)
  • Other state-based programs

Federal Aid & Scholarships is where you will find information about:

  • General financial aid information
  • Federal Grants and Loans
  • A tool to help students locate scholarships that individual colleges may offer as well as independent organizations

Also, check the Student Services portion of our SHS website under Scholarships – this is where we post scholarship information that comes to our office.  We also have copies of the handouts that were provided at the meeting.  Your student can pick up a copy of these from Student Services.